Zero Portal Ring with Akoko Nan


Zero is a fond character in the Wes Anderson movie Grand Budapest Hotel. If you haven’t seen it...SHAME!
Moving on...

Ring is hand-wrought by Nepalese artisans with an Adinkra symbol clutched in a setting of talons and cornered by four pillars that cross at the bottom to form the band of the ring. Amethysts adorn the top of each pillar.

Parental protectiveness, discipline tempered with patience and fondness
A hen’s foot may tread on her young but it is not to kill

.999 fine silver in aged finish

Fine silver is naturally a soft metal due to its purity and the absence of base metals. Do not subject fine jewellery to excessive knocks and bangs as this shall result in deformation/breakage.
Rings are not adjustable. Adjusting rings may result in deformation/breakage.
Each piece is individually handcrafted and will have distinct characteristics that may vary from product depicted.
Simbasante guarantees respect for standards of Social, Ethical and Environmental responsibility both internally and externally.

*Custom size available for order. Inquire within Just For You

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