Wanlov Wanlov


Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu aka Wanlov the Kubolor is a Romanian/Ghanaian singer/songwriter, filmmaker and cultural icon. Kubolor plays West African/Balkan melodies and rhythms on his guitar or koshkas telling stories in Pidgin English, Ga, Twi, and Romanian. Together with M3NSA, he is also part of the satirical and conscious rap duo FOKN Bois. He has collaborated with acts like Gyedu- Blay Ambolley, King Ayisoba, Mr Eazi and Sister Deborah. Kubolor is a strong advocate for human rights and is outspoken on corruption in Ghana. He is also a climate change activist and a proponent of sustainable lifestyle and environmental protection. The Kubolor wants freedom & justice for all.
Serge Serge


Serge Attukwei Clottey is known for work that examines the powerful agency of everyday objects. Working across installation, performance, photography and sculpture, Clottey explores narratives of personal, family and collective histories often relating to trade and migration. Based in Accra, Ghana and working internationally, Clottey is the creator of Afrogallonism, an artistic concept that comments on consumption within modern Africa through the utilization of yellow gallon containers. Through cutting, drilling, stitching and melting found materials, Clottey’s sculptural installations are bold assemblages that act as a means of inquiry into questions of form and history. As the founder of Ghana’s GoLokal performance collective, Clottey sees art as a way to transform society. With aspects of activism prevalent in his practice, his works challenge convention and advocate the importance of creativity. In August 2019 Clottey received the award of Honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Brighton.
Ashlyn Chesney Ashlyn Chesney


Ashlyn Chesney oversees the Community, Marketing and PR business at Paradym. Over the past 10+ years, Ashlyn has worked closely with brands and VIPs to create events, partnerships and brand awareness through thoughtful alignment and authentic storytelling, nurturing relationships across the fashion, hospitality, media, tech, entertainment and sports industries. Ashlyn began her career in New York, working in the fashion industry for a boutique events company, which specialized in producing runway and trade shows. In 2012, she joined Andre Balazs Properties where she worked closely alongside CEO Andre Balazs and was part of the team that helped to launch the company's first international property, The Chiltern Firehouse in London's Marylebone neighbourhood. In 2016, she returned to London as Style Council Director at MR PORTER, where she developed the company's first client-facing ambassador program and oversaw Style Council's integration into MR PORTER's various content channels and global events strategy.
Nina Nina


A graphic designer with a minimalist and practical approach to the creative world - combining a clean aesthetic with unique elements to build brands + content, resonate with viewers, and enhance life's special occasions along the way.


Tyler Wallach is an independent artist living in Harlem, recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters. Referred to as "the 1988 love child of Keith Haring and Lisa Frank", Tyler, a native Texan, hails New York City with 5+ years of experience painting and independently producing large-scale solo art shows, multi- faceted clothing lines, and brand integrated murals across the globe. Tyler has also adopted a unique form of interactive art by painting live, in-person at events throughout the country to further engage the conversation between visual artists and their audience. This live-painting style led Tyler to win the 2015 Brooklyn Nightlife Award for "Best Visual Artist". Compassion and care for the LGBTQ community is a driving force of inspiration that has led Tyler to produce multiple large-scale paintings a year that are donated and auctioned off by national LGBTQ charities focused on at risk queer youth and anti-bullying. Charities include Trevor Project, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, The Miami-Dade LGBTQ Business Association, Harrisburg PA LGBT Center, VOICES4, Callen Lorde and more. Recently Tyler painted a positivity mural, live in Austin, TX for SXSW to raise money for RED, a non-profit organization working on HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment in Africa. This year, Tyler also designed a "BUILT WITH PRIDE" t-shirt campaign for Habitat for Humanity NYC and their 2018 efforts to provide housing for elderly LGBTQ community members of NYC. There is no better feeling than using art for social and civil justice in our thriving, intelligent and colorful LGBTQ community.


Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei (better known as) Reggie Rockstone is a legendary artist known for originating his own brand of Hip Hop popularly known as Hiplife, a musical genre that fuses Ghanaian Hi-life with Hip Hop. Hiplife consists of African-American rap lyricism, cadence and beat making creatively mixed through electronic technology with older proverbial speech and urban highlife rhythms and vocals in his native tongue Akan "twi" (and other ghananian languages). Rockstone is known for his witty humor and creative punch lines or “call and response” hooks with an incredible personal touch. These days; Rockstone is known as the “Godfather of Hiplife,” or "GrandPapa" as he elevates Hip Hop/hiplife culture in Ghana. His peers and fans consider him the all-knowledgeable gatekeeper of Hiplife culture in Ghana and throughout the African continent. Reggie's style incorporates and reflects the call and response approach, which runs through most of African music historically. He has collaborated on and recorded tracks with internationally acclaimed artists like Wyclef Jean, Beenie man and Idris Elba.
Nina Nina


Natasha Nyanin is a writer and creative consultant from Ghana who was born in London and lives in New York. Her work lives at the intersection of storytelling, travel, design, food, art and culture. Travel fuels her creativity and is the body of her multi-limbic pursuits and search for the poetry of everyday living. Multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-sensory, Natasha is perhaps best summed up as an alchemist who sees gold in every base metal and whose meditations on truth and beauty and life lived artfully can be found on her blog, The Ecstatic Flash. She may wear many hats, but they are all woven from the same strand of straw: creativity.


Renée and Robert are true bon vivants who enjoy traveling the world in search of the finest art, cuisine, fashion, music and wine. Equally at home in Paris, the dangerously steep vineyards of Germany or backstage pouring wine for their favorite Jazz or Hip Hop musicians. A lifelong collaboration - Renée is an accomplished cook and Robert has an extensive vinyl and wine collection. They love focusing on curating unique moments where details matter and life is just one big dinner party.

Taylor Orear

Taylor is an American stylist born and raised in Austin, TX who spent the last parts of his teenage years and all of his twenties living in New York City. He now resides in Los Angeles, California.
With Austin roots and New York City’s uptown sartorial senses mixed with the downtown nightlife exploration - he pulls from southwest American influences, sartorial structure, and a bit of flare.
In LA, Taylor focuses on styling for Un-Scripted Television, Red Carpet and Special Events.