Darhel Mays II Darhel Mays II


Darhel Anthony is a clothing designer and traditional bespoke tailor living and working in New York City. In 2018 he founded Coup De Grâce, a luxury menswear company offering handmade bespoke and ready to wear clothing made by American artisans. In addition to designing luxury clothing, he is also a writer, illustrator, and craftsman producing handmade clothing from concept to completion. Simbasante collaborates with Darhel Mays handcrafting bespoke garments.
Pitango Pitango


pitango makes rings
he also makes simbasante's rings
they are beautiful

you should check him out
Jeremy Jeremy


Seattle based designer and fabricator, Jeremy Sharp, has been creating professionally since 2005. He collaborates with artists, architects, fabricators, engineers and designers to create award winning public art installations, furniture and home furnishings. He believes design should express the strength and quality of the material. He often works with steel, wood, concrete and glass. Outside of the workshop he can be found wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest seeking inspirations for future projects.
Ryan Ryan


Ryan Ramelow is a bespoke hat designer living in New York City who draws inspiration from adventures around the world. Ryan creates custom hats for global travelers & city dwellers alike, with bold designs that inspire confidence, community and unedited expression. Ryan started making hats as a hobby in his West Village apartment, quitting his finance job three months later after converting his dining nook into a hat workshop in a matter of days. As a problem solver who enjoys any challenge that works both sides of the brain, learning an old world trade, with limited resources, was the perfect mix of creative and technical craft for Ryan. He uses tools that are over 100 years old, and processes that have been used for centuries, but his designs are inspired by a new generation. In this endeavor, his passion project has transformed into a quality brand with a vibrant vision. The mission is simple: create products that are as unapologetically bold as the people who wear them. That is a mission that Simbasante identifies with and as such, Ryan Ramelow is the first hatter Simbasante has collaborated with.
Brad Larson Brad Larson

Brad Larson

Brad and his senior staff pictured here are based in Brooklyn where his Lab is responsbible for building products where people behave or think in a substantially different way. Treats are encouraged.

brad built this SIMBASANTE website
he is fantastic
do not build things of the digital kind without consulting him